My Easy Tips for Losing Weight

Here are some things that have kept me from gaining too much weight over the years. Also, I like to kick start this routine after holidays and periods where I get lazy and don’t work out/ eat whatever I want! They are simple principles, but if you stick to them, you should be able to drop about 10 lbs in a month or so, depending on your starting weight.

1. Cut Out Dairy

Screen Shot 2013-01-06 at 4.04.17 PMI’ve heard from a couple of trainers over the years that if you ingest dairy, it takes 4 times longer to digest than most other foods. In my experience, when I didn’t cut out dairy, I still had a layer of stomach fat over the muscle, regardless of how skinny I got. Cut it out and be amazed. Dairy includes YOGURT, guys. Yogurt is packed with sugar and it is a dairy product as well. If you want the pro-biotic benefits, then take a probiotic capsule or drink. I recommend Bio-K from Fermented Rice 

2. Cut Out Carbohydrates (or greatly limit them)

Screen Shot 2013-01-06 at 4.10.55 PM

I have had numerous stents where I stopped eating carbs, and dropped weight and bloat in virtually no time. This means NO bread, pasta, potatoes, french fries, rice (doesn’t matter if it’s brown, its still rice!), etc. I’m even not a fan of quinoa, as it is still high in carbohydrates.  There are actually a lot of carbohydrates in certain fruits and vegetables that you need to avoid. I will list those later in another section.

3. Cut Out Sugar

Screen Shot 2013-01-06 at 9.26.23 PMThis includes the obvious: pastries, candy, soda, JUICE (yes, even fruit juice is high in sugar and should not be ingested if you’re trying to lose weight.) Before you eat something, look at the ingredients. You shouldn’t eat anything that is over 5-10 (10 is pushing it) grams of sugar per serving. Fruit is loaded with sugar AND carbohydrates. Yes, it is natural sugar, but so what. Sugar is sugar. Fruit is not bad, guys….that’s not what I’m trying to say. My point is that if you want to lose weight, don’t go eating a bunch of fruit thinking you’re doing the right thing. If you want fruit, have ONE portion in the MORNING. Keep your carbs & sugar low, and only ingest them before 2 p.m. to assure you will properly burn them off before night time!

4. Beware of Fattening Food Disguised as Healthy Food

Screen Shot 2013-01-06 at 9.45.28 PM

  • Some examples of this are but not limited to:

  • Bananas (carbohydrate sticks)
  • Yogurt (carb and sugar loaded)
  • Fruit (carb and sugar loaded)
  • Corn (carb and sugar loaded)
  • Peas (carb and sugar loaded)
  • Beans (carb loaded)
  • “Wheat” anything– companies put “WHOLE WHEAT” on things to make you think it’s healthy. It’s not.
  • Juice (fruit juices- fresh or store bought)
  • Brown Rice (sorry guys, it’s still rice!)
  • Honey (sugar)
  • Diet Microwave TV Dinners (most contain a redic amount of carbs and sodium!)
  • Rice Cakes (empty calories and high in carbs)
  • Veggie Burgers (don’t even get me started)
  • Slim Fast Shakes (Possibly the worst thing ever. Full of sugar and carbs and don’t make you full)
  • Some vegetables like all winter squash, beets, and carrots are high in sugar per serving
  • Canned Vegetables are high in sodium and low in nutrients
  • Things labeled as “Natural!”…yeah, sugar is a natural substance, doesn’t mean it’s good for you!

5. Don’t Starve Yourself

Screen Shot 2013-01-06 at 9.57.25 PM

Think of the body like a fire, and food as the wood/fuel. The more you put in your body (in quantities small enough to be metabolized quickly), the faster your metabolism will be. Starving yourself does not work. Eat small portions of protein and vegetable dense food every few hours throughout the day. Eating 6 small meals and snacks a day is the way to go. Also, if you eat when you aren’t hungry, you greatly decrease your likelihood of making poor food choices when you’re actually hungry and desperate to eat something quickly!

6. What You Should Be Eating

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You should be eating lean meats such as chicken, bison, turkey, and fish. Also, stick to dark green vegetables such as kale, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, etc. Eggs can also be your best friend during this time. Eat them boiled with a little bit of hot sauce for breakfast! Avocado is great with it, too. Salads are always a great choice, so long as your dressing is along the lines of oil and vinegar (beware of store bought and restaurant dressings as they usually put sugar in them.) Salmon is a great source of protein, and it really fills you up.

Additional Tips: 

*Cut down salt. Substitute with yummy spices!

*Add lemon to almost everything for flavor boosting

*Stop eating as soon as you have to take a big breath during your meal. It’s always my signal that my tummy is actually full

*Do a GREENS juice cleanse for a couple days before starting a new diet to jumpstart it!

Be Healthy!

Lisa O

Gripe Water for Babies!

What the hell is gripe water? Gripe water comes in several different brands, and it is used for exactly what it sounds like: GRIPEY BABIES! Does a pretty good job at calming down colicky babies and reducing gas pains.

My favorite brand is ‘Mommy’s Bliss‘..It has all natural ingredients that are safe for babies like ginger root, fennel extract, etc. li

Another brand is “Little Tummies“…in my opinion, I think isn’t as good for baby since it has some preservatives in it and it isn’t all natural.

Another mommy favorite is Colic Calm”…My beef with colic calm is that it is BLACK. Yes, it is a black liquid (because of the vegetable charcoal). It stains like a biyatch. I have ruined 2 comforters fumbling with the colic calm in the middle of the night. Some moms swear it’s the best and it’s worth it, so you be the judge.

The absolute BEST way to give your baby gripe water or any medicine for that matter is through an artificial nipple. I know this seems like a no brainer, but most people who I’ve told this to acted like I’d just led them to a buried treasure. My favorite are doctor brown’s nipples, but whatever ya got will work since it’s just for dispensing meds! Put the medicine in, and put the nipple in babies mouth. Watch them suck down this stuff, easily! Plus, it tastes pretty good…


Lisa O