For those of you who know me, Hi!….for those of you who don’t, my name is Lisa Osbourne, formerly Lisa Stelly.

I am a 25 year old new mother of a 6 month old baby girl named Pearl. I recently married Jack Osbourne. We live in Los Angeles, in a quaint little hipster village on the east side of Hollywood.

I used to be a full time actress, but now I just do that part time with commercials! My main job now is to take care of Pearl, which is a LOT harder than my old job! People always come up to me and say, “You look so familiar.”  My response is usually, “Yeah, you’ve probably seen me on TV putting on deodorant, driving a car, or batting my eyelashes.” I’ve appeared in lots and lots of commercials, music videos, and guest TV roles. At the height of my career, I became pregnant, sick, and took a year hiatus thinking I’d go back after the baby was born. Obviously, my priorities changed. Nothing can prepare you for how immensely your life changes after you take one look at your newborn baby. I immediately transformed as a person. Everything about me changed. Things that seemed so important and enticing before were now lackluster. I no longer felt running around Hollywood competing for a top spot in the industry was something that I was capable of doing anymore, nor was the idea appealing. So, here I am, a stay at home mom at the ripe age of 25 (hey, that’s like 15 in hollywood years).

I am a know-it-all, by nature. At least I can admit it. There is one good thing about being a know-it-all, though: I do my research. If I’m going to say something and stand by it. I like to make sure what I’m saying comes across the correct way for the benefit of all involved….which brings me to why I’m creating my own blog.

I am wholeheartedly involved in the health, happiness, and well-being of my child, and all children for that matter, as well as mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, etc. I think we can all agree that there is a lot of bullshit out there on the world wide web, and it’s hard to find good information when you are searching for the best answers when it comes to you and your family. My biggest problem with the internet is when I want to know something, I google it, which usually leads to thousands of swaying, black and white opinions that are mostly biased or flat out wrong. I’ve found it difficult to find legitimate information or “opinions” if you will, from people like ME.

Let me be more specific: If I google, “what is the best restaurant in los angeles?”, inevitably, someone will say “pink’s hot dogs is the best!” We all know that ain’t true! When I was pregnant, I constantly lurked the BabyCenter community forum. The ignorance of some of the members astounded me. What was even more astounding was how swaying one person’s opinion could be upon a whole group of people. If one person said something was true or false, everyone else would start saying, “Hey, thanks for the info! I had no clue!”, without even really researching it first.

This brings me to my biggest point of all. I am creating this blog so you can have an OPINION from a normal, 25 year old, in-the-know mom who is an OCD freak when it comes to researching anything and everything that exists in my life. I have been asked several times this year to start a blog by my friends and husband. So, here I am, finally putting all of my brain clutter onto figurative paper. I’m not a doctor (though I did study pre-med for a few semesters), I am not super experienced in motherhood (I only have one child), and I am NOT some random person behind a computer screen blasting you with information that I overheard at the local Wal-Mart (not that there’s anything wrong with Wal-Mart, I fricken love that place).

You know my face, you know my name, and now you will hear my product reviews and opinions on everything Motherhood, children, family, FASHION (shopping is my greatest skill), health, and relationships.



Lisa O