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Goat milk Vs. Cow milk

By RaddestMom

Both excellent choices when taken raw. I prefer goats milk to cows milk for a couple reasons.

1. goats milk is composed of smaller globules, thus easier to adults and children to digest.

2. 65% of the world’s milk intake is actually from goats! So, all over the world, it is more popular than cow milk.

3. It’s less allergenic than cow’s milk.

4. It’s naturally homogenized, and most people are less lactose intolerant on it.

5. The composition of goat milk is more like human milk, making it an excellent choice for using in homemade formula for infants if one is unable or unwilling to breastfeed.

6. It’s a natural anti-inflammatory. When you consume cow’s milk, it makes your mucus a little thicker. Goat’s milk does not do this.

7. It’s higher in fatty acids. Fatty acids are essential for brain function and development in children.

8. It is used in many cultures as a medicine for stomach maladies. It aids in dental health as well!

9.  It contains SELENIUM, a mineral known to boost immunities, and aid in metabolism.

10. It reduces cholesterol levels.


Lisa O

Raw Milk vs. Pasteurized Milk

By RaddestMom

This post is something that everyone can benefit from. I’ll try to keep it short and straight to the point.

Disclaimer: these views are my own personal beliefs

Here in America, the FDA wants us to believe that they are looking out for our best interest, and they are the ideal standard for what we should put in our bodies.

That’s fine and dandy, but there’s only one problem: That is a huge ferkin lie.

We all know the FDA has approved some ridiculous shiz over the years, so why should we put our trust in them? They are persuaded and dissuaded by one thing: money. So, in my opinion, they can’t be trusted. Over the last year, we’ve heard a lot of news about the government intervening and attempting to pull raw dairy products off the shelves for “health” reasons. My, my, my…another heap of propaganda. Once again, the FDA tries to ban medicinal foods by claiming they are trying to protect our health. Basically, they are trying to scare us into buying, eating, and drinking only processed foods from major factories because it benefits them financially and gives them more power. They say you can get sick from drinking unpasteurized milk, when really, statistics show there are equal food born illness cases in terms of pasteurized vs. raw. People have been drinking raw milk since they figured out how to milk a cow, so why should we be so afraid?

Let’s get to the facts, here. Raw dairy is AWESOME. Besides tasting exactly like milk, butter, and cheese should taste, it’s the natural way to ingest it. Let’s use our common sense here and do a little brainstorming.

1. Raw dairy from pasture grazing, happy cows, that isn’t homogenized, pasteurized, or hoodini-zized tastes awesome. I know it isn’t readily available in a lot of places, but I live in Los Angeles in a hipster village, so you’re damn right there’s a health food store 2 blocks away from my house that carries not only cow milk, but also raw goat milk!

2. Let me give you some definitions of words you see all the time but don’t know their meaning:

Homogenization- they force the milk with high pressure through small holes in order to make a “homogeneous” mixture. AKA a smooth, white, appealing beverage that prevents the natural separation of the curds and whey.

Pasteurization- the heating of milk to a high temperature to kill microbes and prolong shelf life. Most milk in stores is ultra-pasteurized, which is the worst kind.

3. Now that you know what these mean, you can understand that raw milk is neither homogenized or pasteurized. When pasteurization occurs, it strips the milk of all of the good bacteria your gut needs in order to break down milk. This is why most people are lactose intolerant and cannot tolerate drinking straight milk.

If you can find a good, clean, reputable source of raw milk, I encourage you to do so. If you are “lactose intolerant”, you will be pleasantly surprised to know that MOST people can drink raw milk just fine without any tummy issues. I personally buy raw milk, raw butter, and raw cheese, and I love it!

You can try to find real milk in your area by visiting this website HERE

THIS is the farm I get my raw goat milk from. I love seeing PHOTOS of their happy cows on the farm!

In the near future I will be doing a post on cows milk VS. goat milk!


Lisa O


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