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Which Store-Bought Formula Is Best?

By RaddestMom

If you are a mother who cannot breastfeed for whatever reason, or you’re ready to move on to formula, don’t feel bad. Being a mom is hard enough, and it sucks that people will ridicule mothers who feed their children formula. You’re doing a great job, so don’t let anyone put you down!

Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 10.04.28 PMIf you’re like me, when I started giving Pearl formula, I was a crazy person researching every single ingredient in every formula, comparing them all. Sadly, in America, our infant formulas are packed with crappy additives and bottom-of-the-barrel ingredients. Corn syrup and palm-olein are among the many things that are not so great for your kids. Not only does corn syrup spike the blood sugar unlike regular sugar, most of it is coming from GMO corn, which, as we know, makes rats grow ears out of their asses & become covered in tumors.

Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 10.07.05 PMJust think about the long term effects of these GMO’s on humans. The corn is genetically modified to be less nutrient dense than regular corn, so not only are your cells being deprived of basic nutrition, you’re exposing them to diseases! No wonder everyone has cancer, ADHD, etc. We put horrible things in our food and wonder why everyone is sick and dying.

Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 10.09.47 PMWith that being said, you do have some good choices when it comes to infant formula. Personally, I try to stay away from Enfamil & Similac as some of their formula’s first ingredients are:

Enfamil Ingredients

Enfamil Gentlease

Similac Ingredients

Similac Sensitive 

Yes, you read that correctly. The formula is composed MOSTLY of corn syrup. Gross.

Even “Earth’s Best Organic” tries to hide the fact that they use corn syrup, so really, it’s no better. Here are their ingredients: Notice how they cleverly used the words “glucose syrup solids”…AKA corn syrup. Not to mention, it made my child extremely constipated. They are also owned by the massive food corp Horizon. Surprised?

Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 10.11.52 PM

Earth's Best Infant Formula Ingredients

Earth’s Best Infant Formula Ingredients

SO, what formula is safe? You can either make your own baby formula using my recipe HERE …I use raw goats milk, but I know that’s not easy to obtain or affordable for most people. If you are determined to buy store-bought, powdered formula, here is your best option:

Ta-Da! Introducing Nature’s One Baby’s Only Organic FormulaScreen Shot 2013-03-10 at 9.48.28 PMAfter tons of research, I feel like Nature’s One isn’t hiding anything. They label the formula as a “toddler formula” to promote breastfeeding for the first year. It is perfectly fine to give to an infant, though. What I love about this brand is that they seem to actually care. They go above and beyond to clarify their beliefs. They are GMO free, corn syrup free, BPA free packaged, and they don’t use yucky fillers like palm olein oil They use brown rice syrup as the sugar instead of corn syrup. There was a huge uproar online a while back due to some study saying that brown rice syrup had unsafe levels of arsenic in it. Turns out it wasn’t such a big deal. So, naturally, Baby’s Only clarified this to make sure you know your baby is safe consuming their products: Check out their Pure10 pledge:

Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 9.54.52 PM

Here are three other things they specifically point out:

  • Nature’s One® is proud to offer the only formula that contains USDA organic-compliant DHA. Babies who are fed other organic and conventional formulas are consuming life’sDHA™ oils, which are extracted using hexane solvent and treated with acid, and bleach.
  • The DHA used by Nature’s One is a fatty acid from egg yolk, while other infant formulas use DHA derived from algae and fungus, which is a triglyceride. The use of egg phospholipids in infant nutrition has been widely studied and understood to be more easily absorbed and offer greater bioavailability than DHA from the form of triglycerides.
  • Breast milk is made up of both phospholipids and triglycerides. All other formulas only contain triglycerides formulated with vegetable oil blends and life’s DHA, but are void of phospholipids. Nature’s One believes adding a phospholipid to formula achieves a more natural fatty acid profile compared to other organic and conventional infant formulas brands.

So, there you have it. Nature’s one offers the cleanest infant formula you can find in America. I believe it is available in lots of places, even wal-mart. If not, there’s always their website or Amazon

Email me if you have more questions on this topic, or leave it in the comments section!


Lisa O

The Easy Whey to Greek Yogurt

By RaddestMom

Check out this new kitchen tool I just got for separating my curds and whey for my homemade baby formula

It’s called a Chinois strainer, and it’s awesome. You can use it for straining just about anything you don’t want solids to go through.

FYI when you strain the whey from yogurt, it turns into GREEK YOGURT (start with FULL FAT yogurt, cow or goat) yay!

Chinois Strainer

Sure, it costed a small fortune, and I quickly threw away the price tag before my husband saw it…but damn, was it worth it. No more washing cheesecloth full of yogurt! I can stick this bad boy in the dishwasher, and frankly, I’d pay any amount of money to not have to clean yogurt-covered towels anymore. Hallelujah. If you want a cheaper option, get a good DOUBLE MESH strainer. Check out my pics of the chinois in action below!


Lisa O

Pearl and I with a Baby Goat!

By RaddestMom

We ran into some goat farmers at the farmer’s market. They produce goat milk products and sell them locally! The goat was so sweet and adorable!!! Such lovely creatures. Pearl was like, “hey, lemme tap that keg!”….If you didn’t know, I make her homemade baby formula from raw goat’s milk. If ya haven’t seen me in action making it already, watch the video below!

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