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Pearl and I with a Baby Goat!

By RaddestMom

We ran into some goat farmers at the farmer’s market. They produce goat milk products and sell them locally! The goat was so sweet and adorable!!! Such lovely creatures. Pearl was like, “hey, lemme tap that keg!”….If you didn’t know, I make her homemade baby formula from raw goat’s milk. If ya haven’t seen me […] Read more…

Homemade Baby Formula

By RaddestMom

Whether you are breast-feeding and need a supplement, or straight formula feeding, you can benefit from this. Disclaimer: This is my own personal variation of the Weston A. Price foundation’s recipe HERE ….I am not responsible for your baby’s health, that’s YOUR job. This is my own personal version based on my research of what I think […] Read more…

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