Fall Fashion Inspiration!

Right now I am really loving big bags, oversized coats, fur and faux fur looks

Another big hit for me is structured jackets & shorts over tights

Perhaps my favorite trend right now is feminine leather & lace

Then, there’s always the classic you can never go wrong with: Layers, chunky scarves, and boots!

What are some of your fall fav’s and go-to’s??? Leave comments!


Lisa O


REALLY excited for my first fashion post. If you know me, you know how much I love shoes. If you REALLY know me, you know how much I adore handbags. Really loving all of the fall trends this season, especially the different shades of red. Chanel and Celine are killing it as per usual! It’s funny, because I used to dislike Celine bags….but after a while, they grew on me, now I love them!

I have a great contact at my favorite department store in Beverly Hills who takes photos of every new shoe and handbag that goes through the store and emails them to me! I’d be happy to share them with you, now! Here are some photos of a few fav’s that I’ve seen recently. Scroll down for a slide show of eye candy 😉


Lisa O

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