The Easy Whey to Greek Yogurt

Check out this new kitchen tool I just got for separating my curds and whey for my homemade baby formula

It’s called a Chinois strainer, and it’s awesome. You can use it for straining just about anything you don’t want solids to go through.

FYI when you strain the whey from yogurt, it turns into GREEK YOGURT (start with FULL FAT yogurt, cow or goat) yay!

Chinois Strainer

Sure, it costed a small fortune, and I quickly threw away the price tag before my husband saw it…but damn, was it worth it. No more washing cheesecloth full of yogurt! I can stick this bad boy in the dishwasher, and frankly, I’d pay any amount of money to not have to clean yogurt-covered towels anymore. Hallelujah. If you want a cheaper option, get a good DOUBLE MESH strainer. Check out my pics of the chinois in action below!


Lisa O