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10 Things About Breastfeeding You May Or May Not Know

By RaddestMom

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Breastfeeding is such an amazing thing. It is truly incredible what the human body is capable of. Here are a few things that I experienced during breastfeeding. Also, some facts you may or may not know about breastfeeding/breastmilk. 1. You get a wave of nausea for a few seconds when your milk “lets down”. During […] Read more…

Thought’s on Alicia Silverstone’s Breastmilk Share Program

By RaddestMom

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First of all, I love the fact that Alicia Silverstone is pretty much fearless when it comes to exposing her lifestyle choices and beliefs. I found it really odd that everyone made such a big deal when she posted the video of her feeding her son chewed up food from her mouth like a little […] Read more…

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