Coconut Water Popsicles for Baby!

Here is a really easy, healthy way to relieve teething pain. Coconut water (raw), as we know, is extremely beneficial to one’s health. Did you know that raw coconut water has the same mineral nutrient balance as human plasma?! Yes, that means, in a bind, one would be able to intraveneously inject coconut water!

Now, not all coconut waters are alike. It’s always best to get coconut water fresh, from a young coconut. I’ve found the cheapest, best deal on them is at your local Thai or asian market. They usually have boxes of them for pretty cheap (much cheaper than whole foods).

If you are going to use bottled coconut water, I highly recommend HARMLESS HARVEST brand. They use 100% raw coconut water that is never heated. It also tastes incredible! I really dislike the taste of Zico and Vita-CoCo….they taste like doodey.

So, a coconut is technically a fruit, but not really. Part of it is also considered a nut/seed, but also not really since it doesn’t fall into the high allergen category. In fact, almost nobody is allergic to raw coconut. This makes it a great first tasting experience for baby. Coconuts are lightly sweet, and the oil is a good source of fat, perfect for their little tummies. You can give it to the baby as young as 4 months, even before they start solids. As always, put a dab of it on baby’s tongue first and wait an hour or so just to make sure there is no reaction. I make these all the time, and Pearl LOVES them! She will gnaw on it till it’s gone. Here’s an easy way to make them. First, you gotta buy these:

Yes, that’s right, they make baby popsicle molds. They sell them at Babies-r-Us, and I’m sure anywhere else that has baby stuff. You can also order them online at

Next, you wanna get some good coconut water. Like I said, I like to use Harmless Harvest (available at whole foods and lassens. Go to their website to order some or find out where they sell locally to you)

Next, I like to water the coconut water down, since it isn’t necessary to have it full strength if your baby is under 6 months (their taste buds will pick up the flavor even if it’s watered down since they’re so sensitive).

You can pour half water, half coconut water in each mold. Then you just freeze them. Voila! Coconut water popsicles. Also, try freezing breastmilk in the same mold! Boob-sicles!


Lisa O

Pearl enjoying her coconut water popsicle!

Nummy Num!