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My Christmas Decorations!

By RaddestMom

Here are some photos of my Christmas decorations this year. I didn’t’ go all out because I barely got this much done with a sick toddler. It took me a week to decorate the tree, only. Lots of people ask me about the “fake snow” on my tree. It’s called “flocking”. When you get your Christmas tree, ask the seller if they do flocking. Most of them do. When you are choosing your tree for flocking, choose a tree that has more flat branches with some “gaps” and spaces. The snow looks better on them than a tree that is super full. My tree was custom flocked, so I asked for heavy on the top and medium-light towards the bottom, so it looks like natural snow fall. I used different ornaments that I’ve collected over the years. I prefer an array of ornaments rather than having everything match. I love a more homemade look rather than having something that looks like it’s in a department store. It’s just a preference for my own home, but I do enjoy all sorts of tree decorations! We also set up a smaller fake tree in the living room since we already had it. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to those of you who celebrate other traditions!

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2 Cheap & Easy Holiday Candle Decor Tricks!

By RaddestMom

Looking for some cheap, quick, and cute ways to dress up your house for the holidays? These two ideas involving ribbon and candles are just for you. I’ve included step by step pictures. It took me 5 minutes to do, and you could make several of these and have them be your centerpieces…and you don’t have to be crafty to accomplish these!

1. Simple Ribbon Wrapped Candle

All you need for this is a candle in a jar & some holiday ribbon. It’s so easy to dress up those plain candles, here is how to to do it.

First start out with a plain holiday candle. This one is pine scented.

photo 1

Next, pick your ribbon. I chose a medium width ribbon for this one because I wanted it to cover most of the glass. I also chose a ribbon with wired edges because it’s easier to straighten the bow after.

photo 2Wrap the ribbon around the candle and measure out even lengths on either side. I like to give more than enough length. It’s always better to cut excess off than to waste a whole strip of ribbon because it was too short.

photo 1

Tie the ribbon in a bow, and straighten out the edges with your fingers until it looks good! My bows never look good at first, I always go back and perfect them after.

photo 2

Voila! Now you have a dressed up candle for the holidays.

photo 4photo 5

2. Two Layer Ribbon Candle In a Jar

This project includes a mason jar, or any other glass jar you have. It’s basically just some baking soda in the jar to look like snow, with a candle (any holiday color of choice), and some ribbons wrapped around it. You can use any size jar or candle in any color for this! I chose white with peppermint style ribbon.

Firstly, fill the jar about half way with baking soda, or salt, whichever you have. I used baking soda.

photo 1

Next, you’ll need a plain or colored pillar candle in any size that will fit in your jar. I also chose some peppermint striped ribbon in a thin width.

photo 2

Apply some school glue (I used a glue stick) to the cut end of the ribbon, and apply it to the base of the candle. If you press down for a few seconds it will stick enough to hold but not ruin the candle if you want to re-use it later. (The glue is purple but it dries clear!)

photo 3 photo 4

Wrap the other end of the ribbon around the candle, and cut. Glue the other side down as well.

photo 5 photo 2

Now, put the candle in the jar & follow the same cutting and glueing instructions on the jar as we did on the candle, wrapping the bottom of the jar in ribbon.

photo 4 photo 5

That’s it! It looks like this when finished.

photo 4

Let me know what you think of these in the comments and what are some of your favorite easy holiday decorations!


Lisa O

Essential Oils for Babies & Kids [Video]

By RaddestMom

*Disclaimer: I am not a DoTerra “wellness advocate” & I do not sell their products. These recipes are from my own experience & my own personal beliefs. Nobody has paid me to make these statements or convinced me that essential oils have healing properties.*

In this video, i’ll show you guys how to use some essential oils with your children. Always be careful when using these potent oils with children. Do your own research on which ones are appropriate for kids & which aren’t. Always do a test spot before going through with a full application.

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Easy, Overnight Pickles- No Cooking or Heating Recipe! [Video Tutorial]

By RaddestMom

Here is a video tutorial I did for you guys on how to make your own pickles without having to boil jars & use proper canning techniques. This recipe will impress your friends & family, and it’s also VERY healthy, since we’re using Apple Cider Vinegar instead of white vinegar. Also, visit my youtube channel for more videos by clicking HERE. Enjoy & share!

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