STOP Arguing With Your Toddler & Kids of All Ages! MUST Read Book for Parents.

I never wanted to be one of those parents who screamed, counted to three without implementing a consequence, argued with my toddler, etc…but, I found myself in that position as I argued for a good 10 minutes with my toddler over wether or not she was going to sit down and eat dinner. It’s a bit of a scary feeling when you first realize that your cute little blob of human has learned to defy you.

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My sister nagged me to read this book for the first year of Pearl’s life. She bought it for me as a stocking stuffer to push the hint. I put it off because Pearl was still a slobbering paper weight at that point, so I thought it would be untimely. Little did I know, I would be needing that parenting advice a few months later. Before I knew it, I found myself completely baffled at how to parent when suddenly, one day, I needed to implement discipline. I realized I had no control of my almost 2 year old, and I had been giving her the best excuse, which was: “She doesn’t understand, she’s two.” HAHA! If you tell a toddler that you’re going to get Ice cream, and you don’t follow through with that, the child will most likely remind you at some point that day. The same principle applies when you’re trying to discipline them. They understand what you are saying when you say, “No more candy, time to eat dinner.” Notice the reaction. If they can understand that, then they can understand a consequence.

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After I had this epiphany, I frantically dug up my past Christmas gift & read the whole thing in one night. Disclaimer: I’m not being paid to write about this book, I am just passionate about its teachings.

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The book is called: Love and Logic Magic for Early Childhood (ages 0-6). 

The goal of effective parenting is for us to turn our words into GOLD. Imagine only having to say something once. Here are a couple of examples of the things you will be reading about:

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Love and Logic parenting really believes in giving your children LOTS and LOTS of choices when the stakes are low. Meaning, if they get to make choices all the time when it’s not important, it’s much easier for the parent to gain back the choice making when they need to. A child who never gets to make their own choices will be more reluctant to respecting your authority. The book also gets into how empathy is so important. We have to genuinely show our kids that we are sad when they make bad choices, and we are not happy to give them consequences. It is all about the preservation of the parent-child bond, and making sure resentments don’t build toward us. Another key concept is to let your kids make mistakes so they have opportunity to grow and learn from them when the stakes are LOW, rather than later on when they are a teenager or young adult and the stakes are much higher (sex, drugs, etc.)

When your kids are out of the 0-6 range, they have follow up books such as :

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 11.36.42 AMGood luck! I highly recommend reading this book BEFORE your kid turns one. Don’t delay :)

HERE is where you can download or order the book from Amazon. Check your local bookstores as well!

Halloween Baby Bump Giveaway Winner!

Congrats to Tiffany Witherspoon from San Antonio, TX for being the winner of my Baby Bjorn giveaway contest! I was so impressed by her amazing artwork and creativity that I decided to give her first and second place! It really is incredible that she painted her belly HERSELF! I felt like she deserved both gifts. Congrats Tiffany! Tiffany will be receiving the Baby Bjorn Bouncy Seat and the Miracle Carrier, a $400 total value!

Here are her entry photos:

Just Me & My Pumpkin Vertical Urbane

Closeup Of My Pumpkin Belly

Just Me & My Pumpkin Belly Sunglow

Bresden Checking Out My Belly Sunglow

Family Pumpkin Belly Urbane

Happy Halloween!


Lisa O

Baby Bjorn Giveaway For Pregnant Moms!

I have some awesome products from Baby Bjorn to give away to one lucky mom to be! All you have to do to enter to win is take a pic of your baby bump decorated for Halloween! Have a cool halloween themed painting done by you, your spouse, or kids put on your bump and let’s see it! Email all entry photos to and the top 2 winners will receive prizes from Baby Bjorn!

The cutoff date to enter in this giveaway is Friday, October 25, 2013.

1st Place winner receives a Bouncer Balance Soft valued at $199  & Second Place gets a Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier Miracle valued at $189!

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Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 7.57.30 PM


Enter with your photo sent to

Baby Bjorn Is Not What You Think

So recently, It was brought to my attention that Baby Bjorn is NOT just the baby carrier we all associate the brand name to.

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 7.58.58 PMAs it turns out, Baby Bjorn is a brand of a bunch of baby and kids’ supplies! I’m sure right about now, over half of you are like, “No shit, lisa.” Pardon my ignorance, but I did not know they made anything other than baby carriers! I went to their website and was blown away. They have high chairs, cribs, baby dishes, cups, bouncers, potties, etc. All of their products are amazing! I especially love their travel pack and play. It folds up to something that is smaller than a carry-on suitcase. Do yourself a favor and check em’ out at 

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I ordered several things for Pearl & the new baby, and they were nice enough to send me a couple extra items for GIVEAWAYS!!! Yay for free stuff. Stay tuned for my give away post!


Lisa O