Homemade FLUBBER!

We all grew up playing with silly putty & play dough, right? Well, here is a twist on the old favorites. Flubber is a shinier, jigglier version. Enjoy making this with your kiddos!



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DIY Flower Letter Tutorial

Spoiler Alert: This project is really easy & really amazing! I found it on Pinterest, and it looked SO pretty, I knew I had to try it. I made one for Pearl’s room as well as a friend who just had a new baby girl. It’s basically just a wooden letter (Or you can hand cut one out of cardboard for a cheaper version) with hot glued faux flowers all over it. It was so much fun to make, almost like playing tetris with flowers. Here’s what the finished product looks like:


Here are some tips and photos on how to do this. First of all, I got my letter at Hobby Lobby. It was on sale for $15 (originally $30). SCORE! I went with the larger letter since it would be going on a pretty big wall. I also got all of my flowers there, and they were 50% off that day. Double score.


I suggest buying more flowers than you need. You never know how much you’re going to use & what will look best. I over-bought and then returned what I didn’t need. In addition to flowers, make sure to get little fillers like small flowers & other shaped fillers that break up the monotony like this:


Also tiny flowers & dried blossoms in different colors look excellent next to the larger flowers


When you clip the flowers from the stems, clip them as close to the base of the flower as you can. We want the base of the flower to be as flat as possible, so it’s flush with the surface of the wood. Use wire cutters.

IMG_1794 IMG_1795

A great tip to make your arrangement look natural and full is to clip off the leaves from the flower stems and hot glue them to the base of the letter, UNDERNEATH where you are going to put the flower, so it looks like the flower is growing off of the letter.

IMG_1781 IMG_1784

Apply a generous amount of hot glue to the bottom of each flower and press gently to adhere it to the wood.


It’s up to you how you want to space them out. You can do them super close together and fill the gaps with all kinds of stuff, or you can separate the flowers a bit & use more greenery in between. I used pearls & other little beads in between the P that I made. Here are some close ups

IMG_1812 IMG_5757 IMG_5758

Don’t forget to keep a bowl of cold water next to you for hot glue gun burns! Immediately stick the burnt finger in the cold water. It was a life saver for me!


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Want to See Me Do Your Favorite Pinterest Pin?!

Ever see something on Pinterest that you really wanna try, but kinda wish someone you know did it first so you know it works/it’s worth your time? Look no further! Send me your favorite Pins on Pinterest….My account is

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Simply, follow me, then find a pin you want to see me do, and click SEND to send it to me! OR leave the link to the pin in the comments section of this post :)

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Happy pinning!

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