Homemade FLUBBER!

We all grew up playing with silly putty & play dough, right? Well, here is a twist on the old favorites. Flubber is a shinier, jigglier version. Enjoy making this with your kiddos!



Lisa O



5 comments on “Homemade FLUBBER!

  1. Lisa, I made flubber yesterday with my grandsons they are 7 and 5, We loved it, yes, I even had to play with this amazing stuff. It kept us busy for a long while. THANKS!

  2. Leah Grandstaff

    Hey Lisa! We have wasted 4 bottles of glue. :( epic mommy fail! I didn’t use Borox but I used something very similar. I followed your exact measurements. The first time we did it I mixed the warm water into the glue mixture rather than puring the glue into a bowl of warm water. We did it again and did it the exact way show on your video and it still didn’t work. 3rd try I left out the laundry deterfent but that didn’t matter. The glue mixture and hot water are just mixing together. It’s not separating or thickening. Help

    • RaddestMom

      Hi! Sorry about that. I think the problem is the detergent you’re using. I think it has to be borax, only. It contains or doesn’t contain something that the others have. A lot of people use it when making natural laundry detergent. Maybe get some borax and try again! We just made some the other day again and it came out perfect so yes, I say this is an issue with the detergent.

      • Leah

        Thank you so much for the response! Today I will be on the search for borax! :) Walmart didn’t have it so I may just order it on Amazon.

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