Want to See Me Do Your Favorite Pinterest Pin?!

Ever see something on Pinterest that you really wanna try, but kinda wish someone you know did it first so you know it works/it’s worth your time? Look no further! Send me your favorite Pins on Pinterest….My account is

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Simply, follow me, then find a pin you want to see me do, and click SEND to send it to me! OR leave the link to the pin in the comments section of this post :)

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Happy pinning!

XO Lisa O



7 comments on “Want to See Me Do Your Favorite Pinterest Pin?!

  1. Holly Hale

    http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/1200x/bb/0d/98/bb0d98ac86af1e1d263c1ee887921f2a.jpg this is a pin that my daughter pinned two years ago. It has been duplicated pretty much exactly by others on Pinterest and you tube. I think you can do well with running with how to do the technique on children’s canvas shoes on a variety of colors and patterns. There is also a pin out there to water proof canvas shoes using beeswax. Using both techniques would be great for toddler and children’s shoes and even canvas diaper bags, tote bags, etc. In case the link does not work, Ashlyn Summer, Rainbow sharpie tie dye on canvas shoes DIY is her name and name of pin.

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