Best Kid’s Lunchbox EVER!

Tired of losing lids to tupperware and having to pack a bunch of different containers for your kids’ lunches? Look no further….PlanetBox is a game changer. A friend of mine recommended these and I am extremely happy with the purchase. They are stainless steel lunch boxes that look a bit like prison trays, but they come with a cute little carrying bag. A bit pricey at between $40-$60 for varying styles, but hear me out on why it’s worth it. For one, you don’t have to buy ANY other containers because this can hold everything. Two, the lid is attached, so you won’t ever lose it. Three, there is no BPA leaching in stainless steel like the plastic containers do. It doesn’t stain if you put spaghetti in it, and you can literally use it for years. It comes with a cup holder and condiment pouch. As a mom, I’m thrilled about it. Added bonus is how aesthetically pleasing and organized your kids’ lunches look. Being as OCD as I am, well, it really tickles my fancy. Get one HERE at their website or you can also order on Amazon.

Pearl’s packed lunch for her first day of school!:


Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 2.04.24 PM


Lisa O



7 comments on “Best Kid’s Lunchbox EVER!

    • RaddestMom

      I just rinsed it out and wiped it down. Super easy as stainless steele is very clean and non absorbent. You may even be able to put it in the dishwasher, check with the website.

  1. Leona

    Question? If you put something like strawberries in one of the holes with dry fishes in the other home will the strawberries leak onto the dry stuff?
    That would be a problem!

    • RaddestMom

      I don’t think so. When the lid comes down, the two sides are flush against each other so I think each container becomes air tight.

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