Baby Food Making Extravaganza

I made a butt load of baby food the other night. It’s better if you get it done all at once and freeze it, in my opinion. Instead of using a babyfood maker, I just steamed the fruits and veggies in a pot, then blended them in the food processor. Here are some pics so you can get an idea of some good combinations!


Lisa O



3 comments on “Baby Food Making Extravaganza

  1. Lauren

    I’m a new FTM. My son is 3 months old. I can’t wait until I start making my own baby food. I plan on buying the same baby food maker you have. I was just wondering about using spices, onions, garlic, etc to flavor the babyfood. I looked on the Internet and cinnamon is on the list of foods to avoid giving baby before age 1. Also I know when breastfeeding you should avoid foods with strong flavors like kale spinach broccoli onions and garlic. I was wondering if baby would be gassy eating those foods if it makes them gassy when mother consumes those foods while breastfeeding. I’d like to know your reasoning and where you got the information from bc I’m afraid if I ask my dr hell say to avoid them. I’d like my son to have a taste for every food and not just blah bland things. Thanks! I love your blog!

    • Hi Lauren,
      I wouldn’t worry about feeding your baby till around 6 months. Slowly introduce new things. When he gets the hang of the basics like apples, pears, bananas, squash, etc….then you can start putting in a little onion, garlic, and cinnamon. Pearl is almost 8 months old and eats a lot. She is fine with everything I’ve given her.
      3 months is still little so your baby may be bothered by things you eat still. Avoid whatever upsets him. By the time he’s 6 months, you shouldn’t have any problems breastfeeding and eating whatever you want.

  2. Lauren

    Ok thanks for your advice I wasn’t going to try babyfood until around 6 months. I wanted to start with veggies and then fruits because I’ve read that if you give your baby fruits first they’ll never want veggies because fruits are sweet. What are your thoughts on that? And ps don’t worry I’m completely against rice cereal also lol.

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