Britax RULES!

Car seat….

and Stroller…

What I love about the carrier is that it is so comfortable you can barely feel the weight you’re carrying.

The carseat and stroller are BLACK, which I love, because it’s chic. They are built really well, and the carseat is SO easy to strap in. No hassle at all. The stroller is smooth and handles really well. I have a Graco set, and it was a rickety disappointment. The brand is a little more expensive than your Graco and Chicco brands, but well worth it because you will be able to use it for more than one kid before it falls apart!


Lisa O



7 comments on “Britax RULES!

  1. Mesa

    As someone researching everything you should have figured out that carrying your baby like this ruins the hip. Only the belly-belly-carrying brings the hip in an optimal position….

  2. norma

    I have the Britax B is bigger than the agile and you can add a second seat. I love it! I have an 85lb labradoodle and walking him and pushing the stroller is a breeze thanks to how well the stroller maneuvers

  3. Lindz

    Check out the Stokke baby carrier. It has a back support panel. It’s incredibly comfortable and great for baby’s hips. I have an ergo, which I love, but am going to invest in this.

  4. Elizabeth

    I am so glad u like Britax products! The stroller folds up really small and I love the fact that I can fit groceries and the stroller in the trunk all at the same time. It’s easy to fold out and collapse. U can do it with one hand. Also, the carseat is great b/c it’s lightweight and the base is easy to snap into. Love all your other product reviews too!!!

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