Pearl and I with a Baby Goat!

We ran into some goat farmers at the farmer’s market. They produce goat milk products and sell them locally! The goat was so sweet and adorable!!! Such lovely creatures. Pearl was like, “hey, lemme tap that keg!”….If you didn’t know, I make her homemade baby formula from raw goat’s milk. If ya haven’t seen me in action making it already, watch the video below!


Lisa O



7 comments on “Pearl and I with a Baby Goat!

  1. kt

    Hm, seems a bit sarcastic with the cute baby thing, sorry… milk is “produced” by making animals pregnant and taking away their babies (for meat production or to become birth/milk machines themselves), otherwise the animal babies would have the milk (as intended by nature) and not us humans. By the way, this also happens in organic production. Goats, cows and sheep are milk slaves. Get some info from animals angels, peta & so on and THINK about it.

    • Humans are #1 on the food chain. No other species drinks each others’ milk, but so what? No other species has the ability to. We are the only ones who have dexterous hands, souls, and the capability to love.
      I get my milk from local small farms who don’t use mass production.
      PETA is a joke, dear. Humans are not equal to animals. They are a great source of food and we are grateful for their sacrifice.

  2. Shelby

    My baby is almost a year old and I was wondering what brand of cows milk you recommend buying? I’ve done a little research but just wanted your opinion. Thanks

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