Gripe Water for Babies!

What the hell is gripe water? Gripe water comes in several different brands, and it is used for exactly what it sounds like: GRIPEY BABIES! Does a pretty good job at calming down colicky babies and reducing gas pains.

My favorite brand is ‘Mommy’s Bliss‘..It has all natural ingredients that are safe for babies like ginger root, fennel extract, etc. li

Another brand is “Little Tummies“…in my opinion, I think isn’t as good for baby since it has some preservatives in it and it isn’t all natural.

Another mommy favorite is Colic Calm”…My beef with colic calm is that it is BLACK. Yes, it is a black liquid (because of the vegetable charcoal). It stains like a biyatch. I have ruined 2 comforters fumbling with the colic calm in the middle of the night. Some moms swear it’s the best and it’s worth it, so you be the judge.

The absolute BEST way to give your baby gripe water or any medicine for that matter is through an artificial nipple. I know this seems like a no brainer, but most people who I’ve told this to acted like I’d just led them to a buried treasure. My favorite are doctor brown’s nipples, but whatever ya got will work since it’s just for dispensing meds! Put the medicine in, and put the nipple in babies mouth. Watch them suck down this stuff, easily! Plus, it tastes pretty good…


Lisa O



7 comments on “Gripe Water for Babies!

  1. Lmr

    Can gripe water be used if the baby is constipated or bloated? My baby has just started solids and sometimes she is sooooo bloated so I wonder if I could give her the gripe water to help with her bowel movements. Any thoughts?

  2. Becky

    Colic Calm was my saving grace for me and my wee colic daughter..yes it stains, after the first time, I just knew to not have good blankets or clothes around her when giving it to her. But that stuff was like a miracle! I will take the stains gladly for a restful, happy baby any day!

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