Indestructible Baby Books!

These are SO awesome! My mom got one for Pearl and she absolutely loves it. They are rip proof, chew proof, tear proof, non toxic, and 100% washable. Not to mention, the photos are so beautiful. I ordered the whole set on ….they’re only $4.95 each! So whimsical and cute!


Lisa O



4 comments on “Indestructible Baby Books!

  1. Mrs Haworth

    These look great! Definitely be ordering some for Christmas …..I’m a big believer in reading to kids from a young age too.

  2. Thank you so much for posting! I was looking for the perfect gift for my friend’s daughter. She turns one next week and her mommy was just telling me how she chews on all of her books! Perfect timing! <3 Thanks, again! I am going to pick these up today!

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